Alabama Land Clearing, LLC offers the most innovative, inexpensive, efficient and environmentally safe method of land and lot clearing available today. We are able to provide this unique service because of the innovative and efficient equipment we use.  Alabama Land Clearing utilizes the state of the art ASV RC100 Skid Steer Tractor-the most efficiently designed land clearing equipment manufactured today. This machine is specifically designed to turn trees and brush into mulch in minutes.  The RC100 operates on a continuous rubber track system applying only 4.75 PSI of ground pressure.  In addition, this track system allows us to cover all sorts of terrain with virtually no damage to the soil or landscaping.

We utilize the following attachments:

  • FAE Mulching Head  (Mulch trees up to 8 inches)
  • DAVCO 6470 Brushmaster  (Cuts trees up to 4 inches)
  • 7 foot Dozer Blade  (Pushes and Grades)
  • Full Root Grapple  (Grabs piles of brush and large trees)
  • Stump Grinder  (Any size stump)
  • Vibrating Roller (Achieves a 90 to 95% compaction rate)
  • Stump Grinding